Looking Ahead to an Eternal Legacy

Psalm 71:17-18

1. Introduction

a. Engage

i. Legacy

ii. Heritage

iii. Old Man’s Prayer? How about a Prayer for the end of life—when ever it comes.

b. Review

c. Preview

d. Big Idea


2. Praise for the Past

a. You have taught me from my youth

i. God is his own best teacher

ii. Ultimately God is the only teacher about God

1. Only God can open the heart

2. God condescends to teach us

iii. What a blessing to have been started early!

b. God uses both formal and informal teaching assistances

i. Formal teaching from

1. Parents

2. Samuel

c. There is a challenge for us that we will be careful not to squander the blessing of past (early) teaching.

i. God was the teacher and David was a pupil—a good one too.

d. No matter what the level of your past teaching

i. Give thanks for it!


3. Proclamation in the Present

a. Still I proclaim

i. Notice that David is neither a priest nor a prophecy—but he uses his life setting to be a preacher.

b. David like every child of God has a story to tell—and what a story it is!

c. He doesn’t seem to be reluctant to tell the story—notice that he is not an easy situation.

d. In the Church, and out of the church

4. Prayer for the Future

a. part One: “Do not forsake me

b. Until

i. I declare