Wellspring in a week

Wellspring Church Gatherings:

50 Elm Street Springfield, Massachusetts.


Wednesday, January 17: Men’s Book and Bible Study  – CANCELED

7:00 A. M. Meeting at Starbucks on Rt. 20 in Westfield. This week we will be discussing Chapter 10 in “Devoted to God” by Sinclair Ferguson. All men are welcome. For more information please contact   pbburt@gmail.com 

Wednesday, January 17: Revive and Equip – CANCELED

Join us at 5:30 p.m. for a Fellowship Dinner. .At 6:30 p.m. we are studying  “Early Miracles in the Ministry of Christ.” All are welcome. If babysitting is needed please call Pastor Burt at 413-219-5371 by noon.


Thursday, January 18: Ladies Book and Bible Study at 6:30

At Old First Church. Read Matthew chapters 5-7. As we are in the Gospel of Matthew, we continue to watch for and list the prophecies fulfilled. As they proof that this Jesus is the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament. Also we what to observe the mayor themes of Scripture (Sovereignty, Redemption, Covenant, and Kingdom). Also the attributes of God the Son as Scriptures reveal Him. All ladies are invited. For more information contact   regineburt@gmail.com.


Friday, January 19: Men’s Morning Book and Bible Study

6:00 a.m. at Old First Church. This week we will be discussing Appendices 1 & 2 in “Devoted to God” by Sinclair Ferguson. All men are welcome. Coffee and Refreshment provided. For reading material please contact  pbburt@gmail.com 


Sunday, January 21:

Sunday School for All Ages 9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Pre-school – Grade 1: Jessica Sperry “Jesus What a Savior”

Grade 2- 5: Elizabeth Daniels “In the Beginning Jesus”

Middle-High School: Qtr 1: Tim Kendrick “Demolishing Strongholds”

Adult Sunday School:

(Learn) How to Study the Bible (for yourself) – This week’s topic, “Interpreting the Epistles.”

10:30 A. M. – Worship Service:  Sermon from Pastor Burt, “Visible Results of Faith in the Unseen,” Hebrews 11:32-40.

We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper during the service. We will also have our monthly fellowship soup luncheon directly  following service. Please let us know if you would like to bring a soup to share.


Should you have any questions pertaining to the weekly sermons, please direct your questions to the Elders.

As always you are encouraged to stop at the Book Table for excellent doctrinal and devotional reading at discounted prices.

Miss a sermon or simply want to hear it again? All sermons from Sunday morning worship and Wednesday night Bible Study are on our website  www.wellspringchurch.org


If you have any Question please contact us at wellspringchurch.org@gmail.com or call

(413) 219-3058.